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28 September 2012 at 8:14pm | IP Logged 
Extracting from the Collaborative Profiles:

Algoritam (Croatia)
Bubamara Knjižara (Ladybug Book Café) (USA)
Interliber – Internet knjižara – Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Knjigaknjiga (Serbia)
Knjižara (Serbia)
Profil (Croatia)
Serbica Books (Canada)
Superknjižara (Croatia)
Sveznadar (Croata)
Zagreb Croatian Bookshop (Australia)

Barvič a Novotný
Bohemia Books USA (USA)
Czech Books (Canada)
jn Czech Bookstore (Canada)

Apollo Raamatupood
Baltic Shop (USA)
Estore (Canada)
Kirjastus Ersen
Kirjastus Hermes
Raamatukoi raamatupood
Rahva raamat

Akateeminen Kirjakauppa
Northwind Books (USA)
Suomalainen Kirjakauppa

List of bookstores in Hungary
Magyar könyvek (USA)
Otto's Import Store & Deli (USA)
Pannonia Books (Canada)
Panoráma (Canada)

Dom Książki (USA)
Eden Polish Bookstore (USA)
Księgarnia Eva (USA)
Księgarnia Polska (USA)
Matras (USA)
Polimex Bookstore (Canada)
The Polish Bookstore (USA)
Polish Bookstore in Ottawa (Canada) (USA)

Made in Romania (Canada)

Saamic (Lappish) languages (mainly Northern Saami)
Davvi Girji (Norway)
Báhko Forlag (Norway)
ČálliidLágádus (Norway)
Iđut AS (Norway)
Kara Bok & Papir AS (Norway)
Sami Duodji ry (Finland)

Czech Books (despite the firm's title, there's Slovak inventory too)
Slovak Document Store
Slovak Import Company
Slovenské pedagogické nakladateľstvo (Slovak Pedagogical Publishing House)

Mladinska knjiga
Svet knjige

Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (Canada)
List of bookshops or gift shops opened by members of the Ukrainian diaspora. (Canada)
Yevshan (Canada)

Any of the preceding languages and others
Bay Foreign Language Books Ltd.
Schoenhof's Foreign Books
The European Bookshop
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10 January 2014 at 10:04pm | IP Logged 
missflora wrote:
Simplified Chinese

This website was reccomended to me by someone else, but it's too slow! When I went to buy something yesterday (9
January) the estimated date of arrival was in April! I don't want to wait four months to get my books! I ordered
it from Amazon China instead and chose expedited shipping and it says it'll be
here by Monday! Four days as opposed to four months! But even if I would have done "regular" shipping, it
would've taken ~20 days. So if you want to buy from China, I whole heartedly recommend instead of
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25 February 2014 at 12:13pm | IP Logged 
I've had good experiences with They carry a selection of Chinese translations as well as kid's books and some bilingual ones. Great way to read novels you've already read in English.

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