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Pronunciation of a sentence in Japanese.

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03 December 2007 at 6:49pm | IP Logged 
leserables wrote:

Besides, when I first got into Japanese 30 years ago there just wasn't much choice.

Besides, I never throw books away, some I keep as uplifting examples of "How not to ....." When I feel a little low,
I look at Mr. Horowitz's appalling initiation into the intricacies of Hebrew and tell him what I think of his idiotic
method. Or another perfectly hideous book called "Greek" (I won't give any details, the poor man is still alive.).
And feel immediately much better. There are all sorts of ways of enjoying learning. But I do want decent audio.
Rubbishy audio goes straight into the dustbin. Even if I paid a lot of money for it, e.g. Assimil Ancient Greek

30 years ago I couldn't properly speak any language. :-)

As for books... In a somewhat broader context, I have become detached from most material objects in my life.
Being a hoarder is not practical when one is moving house quite as often as I have done. Books have come last.
When I first looked at my library (after a particularly painful move) and said to myself 'some of these will have to
go', I took several days and came up with... four books I thought I could part with at that time.

Since then I have become much better at it. Anything that does not represent my current interests, anything
I have enjoyed but am unlikely to ever consult again, etc., etc. has to go - given away to friends or finding its
way to second-hand book shops. I have taught myself not to be sentimental about it and have never regretted
the loss of a single volume. I am still buying books by the truckload but they go out of the door just as quickly
so my library is more or less constant. But I can now say that everything I have on my shelves is highly relevant
to what I am today or aspiring to be tomorrow.
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04 December 2007 at 7:53pm | IP Logged 
Sorry my bad people I went back over it and look at the table of contents and page 26 explains the subject particle Ga.Thanks to every one for helping me and for those who told me not to throw the book away based on someone advice and for not looking through it throughly in the first place.

Oh and I am a beginner.

Edited by RiderofNesme on 04 December 2007 at 7:54pm

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04 December 2007 at 8:03pm | IP Logged 
RiderofNesme wrote:
Sorry my bad people I went back over it and look at the table of contents and page 26 explains the subject particle Ga.

Good to know; thanks for posting the update.

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