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My language plans

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17 April 2008 at 11:42pm | IP Logged 
Just thought I would stop lurking and make a post about what I am doing. I have been studying Japanese for 4 solid months, with about 2-3 hours of studying a day. I even studied on my vacation to the British Virgin Islands... I've been learning a lot about the Japanese langauage but I have also been learning a lot about how to learn languages(thanks to this forum and a few blogs) I have just recently added Spanish and French to my daily study routine. My daily routine will look something like this.
I use the dialogs from Japanesepod101. There are about a paragraph long and its easy to get through two lessons a day. I basically use the shadowing method only I think that is supposed to be for longer dialogs, but its been working pretty good.
I have ordered French with ease and I am going to shadow use the shadowing method.
I also have Harry potter audiobook which I will start going through sometime soon.
I am not sure what my permanent plans are for my study method. I am debating getting the assimil program but I think that might be to boring. As of right now I am debating doing some other method and comparing my progress to French to see which method works for me.
I also have a Harry Potter audiobook. (they were easy to find lol)

Daily Hours:
Japanese- 1 hour of active reading. 1-2 hours of active listening. Many more hours of passive listening
French- going to start off with 30 minutes of study a day and see how my schedule works out. I would really like to have each langauage get 1 hour a day.
Spanish- Again I am going to start out with 30 minutes a day and see if I can't bump it up to 1 hour.

Side notes: I commute, run and bike a lot and do most of my studying on the go. I am almost through Pimsleur Japanese 3 and have been listening to lots of podcasts, Japanese music and dialogs from Genki(Japanese textbook).

I am about to graduate as a Mechanical Engineer and I will have lots of oppurtunities to get a job anywhere in the world. I would like to live in Japan first, and then move to somewhere in Europe, hopefully France. Typical tours for engineers are about 2 years, so plenty of time to internalize the language and get a taste for what life is like there.

Well those are my plans.

A few questions:
How did Prof Arguelles go about learning Kanji (or the other variations). I have started to work through the "Breaking into Japanese Literature: Seven Modern Classics in Parallel Text by Giles Murray" and I have found shadowing to be 10 times harder to do since the characters are 10 times harder to memorize. Also I dont like to see romanji because I don't look at the kanji if I see it.


edit: I just had to add that I study rain or shine, and there will be no post from me in 3 months about how I haven't been able to find time to study.   

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20 April 2008 at 8:07pm | IP Logged 
It is wonderful to get a note of such enthusiasm! I would indeed like to get another on July 20th confirming 90 constant days of study and documenting the progress that has been made. This is really the secret key, you know, consistency. There is no other way. As for learning Kanji, I prefer and recommend the oldest-fashioned way: get a book that teaches the correct stroke order, plus paper or notebooks with large squares, and get writing.
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25 July 2008 at 10:44am | IP Logged 
I have had some changes to my study plan and I wanted to update this post incase Professor Arguelles gets some free time and happens to respond. After careful consideration I decided to start learning all the languages I want to learn right now; instead of waiting until I master a few. According to your account it takes about an hour a day for four years to learn a difficult language so I’ve decided to get started on the ones I know I want to learn. So as of 3 weeks ago I added Spanish to my daily study routine, and as of last week I added Thai. So currently I am studying Japanese, French, Spanish and Thai. My first goal for Thai is to blind shadow until I have finished learning the script, which I have found to be extremely easy despite what I’ve heard. Once I have learned the Thai script I will then add German into my study routine. I was debating if I should learn German before learning Thai and came to the conclusion that since I will go to Thailand in about two years, and the fact that my brother speaks Thai, I should learn it first. German on the other hand is just for enjoyment.   I just pray I don’t find another language that I “need to know” because as far as I can tell I am out of available time.

Dan W

Edit: Revised Study Plan

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