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Pimsleur Russian I to III
 Published by Pimsleur in 1999
 Program in English for students of the Russian language
 Beginner level
 Average price: $885
 Audio: 90 Audio CDs for a total recorded time of 45 hours
 ISBN: 0743506200, 07435259 and 0671315978
 Dimensions: 13.0 x 11.5 x 2.0 inches
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Pimsleur Russian I to III is an excellent introduction to Russian pronunciation and basic phrase patterns. It is geared towards the business traveller and can get you to reasonable fluency in a fairly limited number of practical situations, such as taking appointments, inviting people for dinner, introducing yourself, etc...

The program shows its limits given the complexity of Russian grammar. Only a few common problems are covered in the program. Russian verbal aspects (each verb has two forms, one for finite actions and one for actions not yet finished) is totally ignored and replaced by a 'Ya sabirayous' construction. This is a neat trick to enable the student to make future sentences without having to deal with the verbal aspect, but it leaves the problem.

You cannot hope to become a fluent Russian speaker with this program alone - there is no question about that. But for its user friendliness and excellent design, I would warmly recommend this program if you can afford its steep price. Ideally, you should use a textbook based Russian course as a companion to improve your knowledge of Russian syntax and writing.

You should not consider this program if you are not prepared to do all three volumes (90 lessons in total). I recommend 1 lesson a day and not more than 2 a day. The lessons require a lot of concentration, more than for easier languages, especially at the end of the program. They will get you an excellent pronunciation for the words covered in the program.

The program does not teach much by way of reading, with only a short reading booklet of relatively little use.

I have used this program myself and gone back several times to redo many lessons to maintain pronunciations and basic phrasal patterns. This review is based on my personal observations - not on a will to sell or not sell this program.'text/javascript' src=''></script><div style='display:none;'><a href=''>working out but never losing weight</a><a href=''>what do they do personal trainer</a><a href=''>ct quit smoking program</a><a href=''>accutane cordarone in the eyes</a><a href=''>borderline personality disorder wife cheated</a><a href=''>mtdna australia pleistocene occupation</a><a href=''>community partner thank you notes</a><a href=''>iq test controversy</a><a href=''>honing your psychic ability</a><a href=''>past life regression dennis linn</a><a href=''>date menes death</a><a href=''>lung cancer blueberries</a></div>

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