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Visitors from all over the world upload short audio welcome messages they recorded on their computer. Click to listen to the great variety of languages and accents across the world!

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NameLanguage & accentDateAuthor
Forget about itEnglishNative10/8/2005 Raistlin Majere 
El astronauta NoguchiSpanishNative / Catalan accent1/8/2005 Raistlin Majere 
Vinokourov gewinnt die KönigsetappeGermanCatalan  accent21/7/2005 Raistlin Majere 
Bienvenida y un consejoSpanishNative / Catalan accent21/7/2005 Raistlin Majere 
BienvenueFrenchCatalan accent17/7/2005 Raistlin Majere 
The HustleEnglishNative / Catalan accent12/7/2005 Raistlin Majere 
Welcome in CatalanCatalanNative / Central Catalan accent21/6/2005 Raistlin Majere 

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