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Visitors from all over the world upload short audio welcome messages they recorded on their computer. Click to listen to the great variety of languages and accents across the world!

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NameLanguage & accentDateAuthor
WelkomAfrikaansNative6/7/2006 arnolevin 
O diep rivierAfrikaansNative6/7/2006 arnolevin 
Welcome in ArmenianArmenianNative / Eastern accent4/5/2006 lenkadv 
Welcome In ArmenianArmenianNative / Western Armenian  accent12/11/2006 Haky216 
SehendiyyeAzerbaijaniNative / Zanjan Iran accent30/11/2007 yunatan 
Universal Declaration of Human Rights: article 1.BasqueNative18/12/2008 izan 
Welcome in CantoneseCantoneseNative6/10/2007 edwin 
Ultimate Cantonese Tongue-TwisterCantoneseNative6/10/2007 edwin 
Cantonese Tone-TwisterCantoneseNative6/10/2007 edwin 
Welcome in CantoneseCantoneseNative / Hong Kong accent20/6/2005 victor 
Welcome in CatalanCatalanNative / Central Catalan accent21/6/2005 Raistlin Majere 
My Croatian soundCroatian21/11/2007 Taiga 
I'm trying to sing a Croatian/Bosnian songCroatian23/11/2007 Taiga 
Chung in CroatianCroatianNorth American accent31/3/2007 Chung 
Chung in CzechCzechNorth American accent31/3/2007 Chung 
My Czech soundCzech22/11/2007 Taiga 
Welcome in CzechCzechNative / Standard accent22/6/2005 lenkadv 
First Part of a Danish PoemDanishFirst try, Danish with German accent17/1/2008 glossa.passion 
Danish passageDanishEnglish accent6/10/2008 Rameau 
Sinterklaasje kom maar binnenDutchAmerican accent22/9/2008 JW 
Wonen in Nederland (Leerboek Taal Vitaal)DutchGerman  accent23/10/2008 Babylonia 
Landschap - H.MarsmanDutchAmerican accent22/9/2008 JW 
Dutch comedian on philosophersDutchNative1/6/2008 Eduard 
Op een kip - Kees StipDutchamerican accent25/4/2008 JW 
Dallas TX American AccentEnglishNative / Dallas TX American accent28/4/2008 badger2 
Mother Goose - Peter PiperEnglishNative / Standard American accent26/7/2005 tlevine 
Max in EnglishEnglishSwedish accent2/8/2005 maxb 
Greetings From ScottEnglishNative / British accent10/8/2005 scott2336 
Forget about itEnglishNative10/8/2005 Raistlin Majere 
Sea Rose (poem)EnglishMidwestern American accent8/4/2008 chelovek 
EnglishAmerican accent19/7/2008 JW 
Look on the bright side (clear)EnglishNative / Northern British English accent7/3/2008 rob 
Look on the bright side (natural)EnglishNative / Northern British English accent7/3/2008 rob 
My englishEnglishRussian accent14/9/2008 I'm Russian 
This is is how my English sounds likeEnglishGerman accent9/3/2008 LanguageGeek 
Lord of the RingsEnglishGerman accent12/7/2005 Naranoieati 
The HustleEnglishNative / Catalan accent12/7/2005 Raistlin Majere 
Lord of the RingsEnglishNative / Houston, TX accent18/7/2005 ElComadreja 
Greetings from MikeEnglishNative / Chicano accent16/6/2005 mikeanayaus 
Welcome from FrancoisEnglishFrench accent16/6/2005 administrator 
Welcome from VictorEnglishChinese accent15/6/2005 victor 
Welcome From KieranEnglishNative / Native / Scottish Accent accent14/3/2006 kiwi 
Welcome in EnglishEnglishKorean accent13/12/2005 Kimsuhee 
WelcomeEnglishNative / Canadian accent18/8/2005 Giordano 
Welcome in EnglishEnglishTaiwan accent14/9/2005 epingchris 
Welcome in EnglishEnglishGerman accent11/12/2005 hagen 
Australian Accent SampleEnglishNative / Australian accent12/7/2006 littlewing 
hello from jackieEnglishchinese accent21/8/2006 jakielee 
WelcomeEnglishNative / Native from America accent16/4/2006 mistael 
Welcome messageEnglishRussian accent21/7/2006 ILYA 
welcome noteEnglishNative / hebrew accent5/6/2006 bentzi 
My favorite author - revised versionEnglishAmerican English - German accent13/3/2006 RogueRook 
Welcome in American EnglishEnglishNative / General American English accent12/7/2006 AML 
Welcome and A Few Other WordsEnglishNative / Philadelphia Accent accent19/7/2006 kronos77 
Welcome from Columbia, SCEnglishNative / South Carolina Upcountry accent20/7/2006 Farley 
CinderellaEnglishNative / British (London) accent accent4/9/2006 shyopstv 
EnglishExampleEnglishNative / US English accent16/5/2008 BGreco 
Greetings from the UKEnglishNative / Midlands accent..British English accent31/12/2006 Rowena 
Welcome from Pennsylvania, USAEnglishNative / Standard American English accent27/12/2007 LilleOSC 
Iron & Rural PronunciationEnglishNative / American accent9/8/2010 johntm93 
EnglishEnglishSwedish accent14/1/2009 Calvino 
Look on the bright sideEnglishNative / Southern American accent5/3/2008 vanityx3 
Spanish Rolling REnglishSpanish  accent7/2/2008 slucido 
Isaiah 53:1-5EnglishNative / american  accent25/4/2008 JW 
Leftyjace IntroductionEnglishNative / United States (Utah) accent30/5/2008 leftyjace 
Welcome in EnglishEnglishCantonese accent5/10/2007 edwin 
Cultural noteEnglishRomanian accent13/8/2007 audiolang 
The CatEnglishMexican accent20/9/2007 OrlMoth 
Waste Land ( T.S. Eliot)EnglishBrit-German? You tell me, please! accent30/10/2006 bakedbeansjulia 
Prologue - First paragraph - Dona Tart - The Secret HistoryEnglish2/1/2009 anonymous 
a sampleEnglishNative / Australian accent21/12/2008 darikuri 
General information about Polish languageEnglishPolish accent1/12/2008 customic 
L'arrestation d'Arsène LupinEnglishNative English speaker speaking French, slight Quebecois accent accent1/12/2008 dmg 
Chung in EnglishEnglishNative / North American accent31/3/2007 Chung 
EnglishNative / American, Deep South (Mississippi) accent accent26/3/2007 Mississippienne 
Greeting in American English with a Brazilian AccentEnglishAmerican English overlain by Brazilian Portuguese accent31/3/2007 Jacareh 
Evangeline's PrologueEnglishNative / American, Deep South (Mississippi) accent accent26/3/2007 Mississippienne 
Cool and Old PronunciationEnglishNative / American English accent7/8/2010 LilleOSC 
Cool Old Sound ClipEnglishNative / American accent9/8/2010 johntm93 
Welcome in EnglishEnglishItalian accent16/9/2009 Kveldulv 
Sonnet 18EnglishSwiss-German accent16/9/2008 Autarkis 
my introductionEnglishNative / Australian accent21/12/2008 darikuri 
ODE TO STEPHEN DOWLING BOTS - Mark Twain EnglishNative / American accent16/9/2008 JW 
There is no egg in eggplant...EnglishPolish accent30/9/2008 rafal 
Hello and Good Luck!EnglishNative / Western Native Canadian accent17/10/2006 jennilee 
Psalm 137EnglishNative / American accent26/7/2008 JW 
Enkonduko de Sed Homoj kun HomojEsperantospanish speaker accent accent19/7/2008 Dolichocephalus 
Adiaua Kanto (Esperanto Song)EsperantoGerman accent23/11/2008 Fasulye 
a few words in FinnishFinnishRussian accent27/1/2007 Serpent 
Terrible Finnish RFinnishAmerican accent28/4/2008 badger2 
La complainte(Rutebeuf) Frenchslight brazilian  accent20/4/2008 isa! 
LentreFrenchNative / Pied-Noir accent13/8/2005 administrator 
tre vs. dreFrenchCanadian accent5/11/2005 victor 
Beginning of Petit PrinceFrenchAmerican Mid-westerner speaking French accent15/4/2008 BGreco 
Coupe, coupe, coupe!FrenchNative / Pied-Noir accent13/8/2005 administrator 
Bienvenue de FranoisFrenchNative / Swiss accent16/6/2005 administrator 
Bienvenue de VictorFrenchCanadian accent17/6/2005 victor 
BienvenueFrenchNative / Geneva accent18/6/2005 administrator 
Pourquoi apprendre le franaisFrenchNative / Swiss accent18/7/2005 administrator 
BienvenueFrenchCatalan accent17/7/2005 Raistlin Majere 
Welcome in FrenchFrenchTaiwan accent14/9/2005 epingchris 
La Cigale et la Fourmi - Jean de La FontaineFrenchamerican accent25/4/2008 JW 
Plus vite que la musiqueFrenchNative / Pied-Noir accent11/8/2005 administrator 
Qui sait? - Extrait d'un rcit de MaupassantFrenchFrench + English (slight I hope)  accent7/4/2007 linguanima 
Chung in FrenchFrenchNorth American accent31/3/2007 Chung 
La Grenouille qui veut se faire aussi grosse que le Boeuf - Jean de La FontaineFrenchAmerican accent26/7/2008 JW 
TEL's French Accent Test #1French(Test of Accent) accent22/7/2008 TheElvenLord 
Tristesse - Alfred de MussetFrenchAmerican accent12/7/2008 JW 
Welcome in FrenchFrenchCantonese accent5/10/2007 edwin 
Paragraph in FrenchFrenchAmerican accent13/5/2008 cameroncrc 
Excerpt from Le Petit PrinceFrenchTaiwanese accent accent17/1/2008 epingchris 
Accent Practice. FrenchBeginner from England.  accent7/2/2008 shaun.lewis 
Le Petit Prince- extraitFrenchcroatian accent13/2/2008 rodYon 
Assimil French Course ExcerptFrenchSlight American English Accent? accent26/12/2007 LilleOSC 
A small French sampleFrenchGerman accent27/6/2008 LanguageGeek 
A small French sample by a French nativeFrenchNative / French neutral I suppose accent30/6/2008 zorglub 
Assimil French Course Excerpt 2nd TryFrenchEnglish Accent accent12/7/2008 LilleOSC 
Le Corbeau et le Renard - Jean de La FontaineFrenchAmerican accent5/7/2008 JW 
L'histoire de l'art - MC Solaar, French Rap, excerptFrenchSwiss-German accent11/9/2008 Autarkis 
Weil ich dich liebe - Heinrich HeineGermanAmerican accent5/7/2008 JW 
Die gestohlene Großmutter, von UnterwegsGermanAmerican accent24/6/2008 Sunja 
MignonGermanEnglish accent27/6/2008 Rameau 
Das Veilchen - J.W. von GoetheGermanAmerican accent13/7/2008 JW 
A conversation in a hotelGermanRussian accent3/8/2008 Anton Romanov 
Lied von der Weisheit Gottes Teil 1GermanNative / South East German ( not Bavarian particulary) accent27/10/2006 bakedbeansjulia 
Lied von der Weisheit Gottes Teil 2GermanNative / South East German ( not Bavarian particulary) accent27/10/2006 bakedbeansjulia 
Ein Jüngling liebt ein Mädchen - Heinrich HeineGermanAmerican accent5/7/2008 JW 
KuhschweizerischGermanNative / I'm a native speaker of Swiss German, originally from the Solothurn region accen accent23/8/2008 Autarkis 
Das ist doch ganz einfach!GermanPolish accent30/9/2008 rafal 
Trnen des VaterlandesGermanNon-native American, but difficult to distinguish from native. accent29/10/2006 puellanivis 
KampfGerman20/8/2007 audiolang 
Chung in GermanGermanNorth American accent31/3/2007 Chung 
Welcome in GermanGermanNative / Standard accent11/12/2005 hagen 
My impression about GermanyGermanKorean  accent13/12/2005 Kimsuhee 
German u and GermanNative / Standard accent15/12/2005 hagen 
Donelatis/GermanGermanLithuanian accent17/2/2006 Linas 
Mein LieblingsautorGermanNative / native accent13/3/2006 RogueRook 
German Toungue TwisterGermanNon-native American, but difficlt to distinguishable from native accent29/10/2006 puellanivis 
GermanGermanAustralian accent12/7/2006 littlewing 
Lord of the RingsGermanNative / Northern Hesse accent12/7/2005 Naranoieati 
Vinokourov gewinnt die KnigsetappeGermanCatalan  accent21/7/2005 Raistlin Majere 
WillkommenGermanNative / Standard German accent25/7/2005 creeper 
German chGermanNative / Standard accent4/11/2005 hagen 
Der Winter ist kaltGermanPolish accent accent16/4/2008 Julie 
Der Winter ist kaltGermanRussian accent20/4/2008 Anton R. 
Osterspaziergang aus Faust IGermanNative9/3/2008 LanguageGeek 
German tongue twisterGermanRussian accent25/3/2008 Anton R. 
Es sitzt ein Vogel auf dem Leim - Wilhelm BuschGermanamerican  accent25/4/2008 JW 
Der Winter ist kaltGermanNative / Northern Germany accent17/4/2008 konny 
Der FroschkönigGermanPolish accent19/4/2008 Julie 
About learning HungarianHungarianGerman accent9/3/2008 LanguageGeek 
Hungarian tongue-twisterHungarianNative / Standard  accent30/10/2007 Cisa 
Learn HungarianHungarianGerman? Decide yourself. accent21/9/2006 RogueRook 
Hungarian tongue-twister 2HungarianNative / Standard accent30/10/2007 Cisa 
Sandor PetofiHungarianLithuanian  accent15/2/2006 Linas 
Chung in HungarianHungarianNorth American accent31/3/2007 Chung 
Magyar1HungarianNative17/2/2008 Kisani 
GL, GN in ItalianItalianNative / Southern Italian (Apulia) accent20/6/2008 OCCASVS 
Devo finire un sogno - Antonio PortaItalianAmerican accent30/8/2008 JW 
The Divine Comedy--Canto III of the InfernoItalianMedieval Italian being recited by Brazilian with a slight accent accent31/3/2007 Jacareh 
Welcome in ItalianItalianNative / Sicilian accent20/5/2006 Carlo 
Benvenuti!ItalianAmerican accent15/7/2005 tsk070 
Benvenuti a tuttiItalianFrench accent12/7/2005 administrator 
Assimil Italiano- Andiamo a Fare Delle Spese ItalianSpanish accent21/3/2008 nkkny1 
Assimil Lezione 19 extractItalianScottish accent30/3/2008 gingermidget 
Per ricordare i colori della bandiera ItalianaItalianamerican accent25/4/2008 JW 
Ciao e BenvenutiItalianNative / Rusty/English accent18/8/2005 Giordano 
YachtJapaneseNorth American accent25/11/2007 Keith 
Puella Nivis speaking JapaneseJapaneseI am an American non-native speaker of Japanese, my accent is good for an Americ accent29/10/2006 puellanivis 
First chapter of my japanese bookJapaneseKorean accent13/12/2005 Kimsuhee 
Small Japanese PassageJapaneseCantonese/English accent3/10/2005 Miri-chan 
Hello in JapaneseJapaneseChinese/English accent17/9/2005 Miri-chan 
Welcome in JapaneseJapaneseTaiwan accent14/9/2005 epingchris 
(Tale of Genji)JapaneseNative / standardJapanese accent18/8/2005 satoshi_jpn 
Welcome in JapaneseJapaneseAustralian accent21/12/2008 darikuri 
Tips on pronounciation needed.Japanese7/6/2008 -Kupo- 
Learning KoreanKoreanAmerican (Seoul) accent6/8/2007 DanTheMan 
John 3:16 in KoreanKoreanAmerican English accent28/2/2007 skeeterses 
Hello and advice in KoreanKoreanGerman accent11/12/2005 hagen 
IntroductionKoreanNative / Korean with Daegu  accent13/12/2005 Kimsuhee 
Ave MariaLatinEcclesiastical (Medieval) Latin accent10/10/2006 linguanima 
DonelaitisLithuanianNative / Standard  accent16/2/2006 Linas 
Eis VakanzLuxembourgishAmerican accent5/7/2008 JW 
Welcome in MandarinMandarinCantonese accent5/10/2007 edwin 
A Chinese ci by Li BaiMandarinSlight Cantonese accent accent26/5/2008 Jamielalala 
Welcome in Mandarin from a French CanadianMandarinFrench Canadian accent20/8/2007 Asiafeverr 
Mandarin Tongue-TwisterMandarinCantonese accent20/9/2007 edwin 
University readingsMandarinHeavy Slovak! accent5/1/2008 Vlad 
Mandarin IntonationMandarinNative accent5/3/2006 maxb 
My feeling about Chinese MandarinKorean accent13/12/2005 Kimsuhee 
Welcome in MandarinMandarinGerman accent11/12/2005 hagen 
Difficult Mandarin Chinese soundsMandarinSouthern Chinese accent31/8/2006 victor 
hello from jackie-in chineseMandarinNative / southern china accent21/8/2006 jakielee 
Welcome in Mandarin, Fast and SlowMandarinEnglish (Canadian) accent24/4/2006 Malcolm 
Mandarin Reading: Water, Vapour and IceMandarinEnglish (Canadian) accent25/4/2006 Malcolm 
Welcome in MandarinMandarinNative / Taiwan accent14/9/2005 epingchris 
Chinese tongue twisterMandarinSwedish  accent2/8/2005 maxb 
Welcome in mandarinMandarinNative / Taiwan accent25/6/2005 drifter 
Welcome in MandarinMandarinSwedish  accent4/7/2005 maxb 
NihaoMandarinSouthern Chinese accent20/6/2005 victor 
introduction in hebrewModern HebrewNative5/6/2006 bentzi 
EconomicsNorwegianDutch accent1/6/2008 Eduard 
Khayyam1PersianNative / Iran''s standard Farsi accent30/11/2007 yunatan 
Khayyam2PersianNative / Iran''s standard Farsi accent30/11/2007 yunatan 
Welcome messagePolishNative / Standard (West Poland) accent23/11/2007 Julie 
My Polish soundPolish22/11/2007 Taiga 
Welcome message (slower version)PolishNative / Standard (West Poland) accent23/11/2007 Julie 
Excerpt of the preface from Gomulicki''''s Wspomnienia niebieskiego mundurkaPolishNorth American accent25/11/2007 Chung 
Chung in PolishPolishNorth American accent31/3/2007 Chung 
Yes / NoPolishNative11/1/2008 Julie 
Polish tongue twister 1PolishNorth American accent25/11/2007 Chung 
Litwo ojczyzno mojaPolishLithuanian  accent15/2/2006 Linas 
Cano do Exlio--A short, nostalgic poemPortugueseNative / Brazilian (Paulista, spent part of childhood in Rio, lives in the US) accent31/3/2007 Jacareh 
Hello from TransylvaniaRomanianAmerican accent14/12/2006 lifeboatheaven 
About the Romanian LanguageRomanianNative / Bucharest accent29/9/2006 Fraz 
Russian Reading (Taste of Russian)RussianAmerican accent17/8/2008 chelovek 
Welcome messageRussianNative / Moscow accent21/7/2006 ILYA 
welcome note - russianRussianhebrew accent5/6/2006 bentzi 
Greeting in RussianRussianEnglish accent23/7/2005 brleealbright 
RussianNative / Russian (Moscow) accent23/2/2006 Massta 
Welcome in RussianRussianNative / Standard (Armenian?) accent4/5/2006 lenkadv 
Francois in RussianRussianFrench accent16/6/2005 administrator 
Talking in RussianRussianAmerican accent16/8/2008 chelovek 
On v zakone vor?RussianNative4/9/2005 administrator 
Лисичка (Russian speaking sample, April 08)RussianUnknown (American speaker) accent2/4/2008 chelovek 
A poem in RussianRussianNative / standard accent27/1/2007 Serpent 
Extract from Kato Lomb's book RussianBulgarian accent10/3/2007 Denitsa 
Russian numeralsRussianNative / Standard/Moscow Dialect accent29/8/2007 Russianbear 
My Russian soundRussian22/11/2007 Taiga 
svAgatamSanskritItalian accent18/11/2005 boaziano 
Slovensky diktatSlovakNative / Native, Kosice accent27/5/2008 Vlad 
Chung in SlovakSlovakNorth American accent31/3/2007 Chung 
Del Tropico-Poesia de Ruben DarioSpanishNative / Mexican  accent16/11/2006 jradetzky 
My SpanishSpanishamerican accent4/12/2008 irrationale 
olvideSpanishNative / Mexico city - neutral  accent2/1/2007 zenmonkey 
La EscuelaSpanishamerican accent5/8/2008 sajro 
PastimesSpanishAmerican accent8/8/2008 El Rey del Mar 
Los Heraldos Negros - Cesar VallejosSpanishAmerican accent19/7/2008 JW 
El GatoSpanishNative / Mexican accent20/9/2007 OrlMoth 
Shadowing Spanish rolling RSpanishNative / castillian Spanish accent11/1/2008 slucido 
RR practiceSpanishDutch accent22/1/2008 Rmss 
Poema 12 - Pablo NerudaSpanishAmerican accent15/9/2008 JW 
Bienvenidos todosSpanishFrench accent21/7/2005 administrator 
Bienvenida y un consejoSpanishNative / Catalan accent21/7/2005 Raistlin Majere 
Greeting in SpanishSpanishEnglish accent18/7/2005 ElComadreja 
Correct RRSpanish5/3/2008 Rmss 
Saludos de parte de MikeSpanishCalifornia accent16/6/2005 mikeanayaus 
Bienvenidos!SpanishEnglish accent15/7/2005 tsk070 
El astronauta NoguchiSpanishNative / Catalan accent1/8/2005 Raistlin Majere 
Calle MayorSpanish English accent13/8/2005 Giordano 
Bush Radio Address (2)SpanishNative / Madrid's accent2/10/2005 aggrande 
Esta es la paloma de la pazSpanishamerican accent25/4/2008 JW 
Cruz Roja EspaolaSpanishNative / Madrid''s accent2/10/2005 aggrande 
Bush Radio AddressSpanishNative / Madrid''s accent2/10/2005 aggrande 
Welcome in SpanishSpanishAmerican Accent accent10/5/2008 cameroncrc 
Spanish Reading: OVNISpanishEnglish (Canadian) accent27/4/2006 Malcolm 
Counting in SpanishSpanishAmerican/2 year old girl accent9/8/2006 cbashara 
Swedish vowelsSwedishNative / Standard Swedish accent27/3/2006 maxb 
Vr - vrt - vtSwedishNative / Northern accent26/3/2006 Vieritatei 
Sj and tj in SwedishSwedishNative / Northern accent11/10/2005 Vieritatei 
Hej! Jag heterSwedishNative / Stockholm  accent7/3/2007 Friendly 
Welcome in SwedishSwedishNative / Standard Swedish  accent4/7/2005 maxb 
Swedish pitch accentSwedishNative / Standard Swedish accent15/7/2005 maxb 
ÅngestSwedishNative14/1/2009 Calvino 
ChuäschwitzerischSwiss-GermanNative / I'm a native speaker of Swiss German, originally from the Solothurn region accent23/8/2008 Autarkis 
GruetziSwiss-GermanFrench accent19/6/2005 administrator 
Evde konuklar var (Textbook Güle Güle)TurkishGerman accent25/10/2008 Babylonia 
WelcomeUkrainianNative / native/kiiyv region(central) accent21/10/2006 VityaCo 
a passage in UkrainianUkrainianRussian accent3/4/2007 Serpent 
frankoUkrainianLithuanian accent17/2/2006 Linas 

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