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‘Spanish Reading: OVNI’
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Non-native speaker
Accent: English (Canadian)
Date: 4/27/2006

Description of what is on the sound file:
This following piece of text is the introduction of the Wikipedia article on the term UFO (OVNI) in Spanish. I chose to read this particular article because it contains the most difficult word for me to pronounce in Spanish: extraterrestre. It is difficult for me because it contains an alveolar trill in the middle and two instances of /str/ on either side of the trill. You will notice that I am only barely able to pronounce this word correctly. Despite this, I feel that my accent is fairly accurate, though I would never pass for a native.

Transcript of sound file:
OVNI es el acrónimo en castellano de Objeto Volador No Identificado. El término OVNI es muy amplio y se aplica a cualquier cosa desconocida para quien la ve y que se desplace por el espacio, o bien por el aire.

Sin embargo, popularmente se usa para referirse a supuestas naves de origen extraterrestre. Este uso es paradójico en cierto modo, ya que pretende conocer la naturaleza de un fenómeno al que se sigue denominando «no identificado».

Los términos platillo volador o platillo volante son expresiones populares, actualmente en desuso, con las que se refiere a un OVNI.


OVNI is the Spanish acronym for Unidentified Flying Object. It is a very broad term which refers to any unknown thing seen flying in space or in the air.

Nevertheless, it is popularly used to refer to supposed ships of extraterrestrial origin. This use is paradoxical in a certain way, as it attempts to define the nature of a phenomenon which it continues to label unidentified.

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