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‘Welcome and A Few Other Words’
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Native speaker
Accent: Philadelphia Accent
Date: 7/19/2006

Description of what is on the sound file:
This is an example of English as spoken in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
The Philly accent is unique. To untrained ears, it is similar to a New York
accent and other Northeast USA accents. However, a native of Philadlephia
would never confuse a New York accent with that of his own city. Hopefully
you will be able to pick out the differences. I also hope this doesn't
discourage anyone from further study of the English language! I am aware
that not everyone finds it so pleasant. I think most us in Philly have a sense
of humor about how we speak to go along with our pride.

Transcript of sound file:
Hello. This is Steve speaking from the United States, in the city of
Philadelphia, or Philly, as we call it.

Welcome to!

Don't forget that you will learn foreign languages better and faster if you
focus on one language at a time and you work every single day.

Now here are some words and phrases I put together that you might hear
on the streets of Philadelphia. I emphasized the words and phrases that
will unfailingly identify a native Philadlephian.

First, Water: Hey. can I get a glass of water? .

With: You want onions with your cheesesteak?

Love: Oh, I really love that song.

There are several variations of the Philly accent, including the south Philly
accent, inspired by Italian immigrants, the northeast Philly accent, which
has two variations, the Jewish and the Irish and several others as well.
There is also a main line accent, spoken by the wealthier types in certain

And that's how we speak in Philadlephia.

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