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‘This is is how my English sounds like’
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Non-native speaker
Accent: German
Date: 3/9/2008

Description of what is on the sound file:
Again talking about Hungarian, but this time in English.

Transcript of sound file:
Hello dear language fans!

I am LanguageGeek, a native German speaker who has been learning Hungarian for approximately two years. I wrote this little Hungarian text by myself in order to demonstrate that Hungarian is by no means unlearnable. Quite the contrary. Hungarian is such an orderly and regularly designed language that I'd venture to deem it considerably easier than Russian or German. In addition, the pronunciation is really easy as pie.

The Hungarian vocabulary is vast, finely nuanced and enables the speaker to express very subtle shades of meaning. Finally, knowledge of Hungarian gives you access to a true treasure trove: Hungarian literature. There are quite a few intellectual gems hidden there and it preserves the masterpieces of a wonderfully unique culture.
This served as a strong motivation to quickly acquire the language so that I could enjoy the works of Hungarian writers in their original version.
The time spent with the Hungarian language and culture brought lots of happiness and joy into my life.

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