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‘L'arrestation d'Arsène Lupin’
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Non-native speaker
Accent: Native English speaker speaking French, slight Quebecois accent
Date: 12/1/2008

Description of what is on the sound file:
I am an anglophone learning French in Montreal, Canada. As such, I have a slight Quebecois accent. I've worked hard on my accent, and I think I've done pretty well. The text is the first paragraph if L'arrestation d'Arsène Lupin by Maurice Leblanc.

Transcript of sound file:
L’étrange voyage ! Il avait si bien commencé cependant ! Pour ma part, je n’en fis jamais qui s’annonçât sous de plus heureux auspices. La Provence est un transatlantique rapide, confortable, commandé par le plus affable des hommes. La société la plus choisie s’y trouvait réunie. Des relations se formaient, des divertissements s’organisaient. Nous avions cette impression exquise d’être séparés du monde, réduits à nous-mêmes comme sur une île inconnue, obligés par conséquent, de nous rapprocher les uns des autres.

THE strangest of journeys! And yet it had begun so well! I, for my part, had never made a voyage that started under better auspices. The Province is a swift and comfortable transatlantic liner, commanded by the most genial of men. The company gathered on board was of a very select character. Acquaintances were formed and amusements organized. We had the delightful feeling of being separated from the rest of the world, reduced to our own devices, as though upon an unknown island, and obliged, therefore, to make friends with one another.
(Translation from Project Guteberg).
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