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‘Greetings From Scott’
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Native speaker
Accent: British
Date: 8/10/2005

Description of what is on the sound file:
I'm Scott from the UK and have recorded this short piece of dialogue as a close representation of the standard English accent. I'm from the North of England (Yorkshire), but do not have a very strong Yorkshire/Northern accent, if at all. My friends and family always comment on how 'standard' my accent is, in relation to where I've always lived (Yorkshire). You will probably need to turn the volume up to hear this recording, as I couldn't make it sound any louder. I think this is the first British recording on the list, though I may be wrong.

Transcript of sound file:
Hello! This is Scott, from the United Kingdom.

I send my warm regards to visitors of '' and wish them success in their language learning.

Don't forget that focusing on one language at a time and studying every day is the key to success!

Happy language learning!

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