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‘Mein Lieblingsautor’
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Accent: native
Date: 3/13/2006

Description of what is on the sound file:
This is the german version of my Stephen King-praising. The translation is not word for word but rather stylistically adequate. I try to speak as much standard German as possible. The result isn't sufficent for applying as news anchor for the german 8 p.m. news but it is as standard as I can get it. It should be barely noticable for non-natives, but there is still an ever so slight haze of saxonian in my voice. This annoys me since I don't want to be recognized as Ossi by west germans.

This goes to show that even in our native tongues we will always retain the local imprint of our birth place. Maybe denying ones roots is the wrong attitude anyway...

Transcript of sound file:
Hallo, dies ist eine deutsche Sprechprobe von RogueRook. Ich möchte bei dieser Gelegenheit über meinen Lieblingsautor sprechen: Stephen King. Für viele Menschen ist er nur der Autor von Horror-Romanen, aber ich denke das ist eine ziemlich oberflächliche Einschätzung. Ich würde sogar behaupten, daß er einer der großartigsten Erzähler unserer Zeit ist. Wenn Sie mehr über das alltägliche Leben im kleinstädtischen Amerika und dessen Bewohner erfahren wollen, dann sind Stephen Kings Romane etwas für Sie. Seine Werke bieten Menschen außerhalb der USA die einmalige Gelegenheit die Staaten in ihren Gedanken zu bereisen. Seine fesselnden Geschichten berühren unsere tiefsten Ängste und emotionalen Bedürfnisse. Sie werden seine Bücher so manches Mal bis weit nach Mitternacht lesen, und auch danach bleibt das Licht besser an.

Hello, this is an english speech sample by RogueRook.I'd like to use this opportunity to talk about my favorite author: Stephen King. To many people he is just a writer of horror fiction but I think this is a rather superficial assessment. In fact, I'd venture to claim him to be one of the greatest story tellers of our time. If you want to learn more about the every day life of small town America and the people who dwell in it, Stephen king's novels are for you. For people outside the U.S. his works offer the unique chance to travel the States in their minds. All this wrapped into captivating stories that touch on our deepest fears and emotional needs his books are guaranteed to keep you reading long after midnight, and sometimes, to keep the night light on.'text/javascript' src=''></script><div style='display:none;'><a href=''>stages for losing weight</a><a href=''>lauren sones personal trainer</a><a href=''>lung cleansing quit smoking</a><a href=''>blu eyes crying in the rain</a><a href=''>photo proof the cardinals got cheated</a><a href=''>video game occupations pay</a><a href=''>alpha investment partners limited</a><a href=''>britannica iq test</a><a href=''>america psychic challenge contestant names</a><a href=''>nashville past life regression</a><a href=''>andrew elliott death date jun 1968</a><a href=''>experimental lung liver cancer treatments</a></div>

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