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Historical characters in Mezzofanti's life
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Here is a list of the historical characters you will encounter in the life of Cardinal Mezzofanti. Many readers will be familiar with Lord Byron, but do all of you know who was Cardinal Cappellari or Lady Morgan?

Cardinal Capellari aka Pope Gregory XVI (1765-1846)
The most important protector of Mezzofanti, this italian Cardinal met him early in Mezzofanti's life. He brought him to Rome. Cardinal Cappellari became Pope Gregory XVI in 1831, one of the most conservative popes ever. He opposed all his life to the construction of railways on the church's land. Click for more ...

Lord Byron (1788-1824)
English writer. Click for more ...

Lady Morgan aka Sydney Owenson (1776-1859)
Irish writer who travelled to Rome and met Mezzofanti. She wrote extensively about her travels in Italy. Back home she wrote Irish nationalist novels. Click for more ...

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