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24 December 2014 at 10:57pm | IP Logged 
Has anyone seen a movie with Cristina de Pin? Also what is that "Quelli che ... il calcio" show? Is it more than regular matchday stuff?
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12 January 2015 at 12:14pm | IP Logged 
I'm gonna tell about a Russian movie, but I have watched it with English subs (would it justify me a little?)

I don't like Russian cinema industry. I just don't, it's full of clichés and Hollywood interpretations. For
example, there's a movie that entirely copies the line of The lake house and manages to fill it with a
lot of "concealed" advertising. Even though the movie looks nice I know this is not enough to be any good.
My mother tries to make me watch Soviet movies claiming that they are the best ever made but she fails to
do that.
Maybe my strict attitude against Russian movies is wrong, maybe I haven't just seen enough, but when I
heard about Leviathan I was mildly curious. And since I am bored, can't get to get ready for exams
and for some other unknown reasons I decided to watch the film, not expecting too much.
So what can I say now... It's not easy in any single aspect but the plot. The plot is natural, I'm sure this has
happened in our country more than once. The rest is hard though. The language sometimes is hard even for
me to understand, so I had to rely on English hardsubs. It's not an easy film to watch with kids even though
there are almost no obscene episodes (excluding words, they appear often enough though are lost in
It quite accurately represents you the life in Russia (if we are not talking big cities). It shows you the big
problem around everything that builds up our country. Some would think that in the end the director had
presented a solution to that, but I hope he doesn't think so himself.
Anyway, I think I should stop now. I gave it 9/10 and I can only recommend it to anyone curious about
Russia and Russians. It's not ideal as a movie, I think 8/10 would be more honest, but whatever.

The creators have told they are not going to fight against piracy (which I am not sure about), but the movie
can be found of youtube if you don't want to get a DVD. It hasn't even been released in our country yet, so
people here have literally no choice if they don't want to wait.

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12 January 2015 at 3:29pm | IP Logged 
The 1992 movie - Рукопись - directed by Александр МУРАТОВ was my first contact with listening to russian.

Writers talking to each other, I am suspecting their russian to be very correct - very clear soundtrack with few to no distraction from the dialogues.
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14 January 2015 at 2:43pm | IP Logged 
I also watched Левиафан / Leviathan, in the cinema. You are right that it is not an easy film to watch. Long, but very intense. Even if the religious themes of the film went over my head, I was very impressed by all the acting and directing. One of the memorable films of 2014. There were even some lines of Russian I could understand (the family scenes, rather than the politician or court judge!). Hopefully I will soon watch Звягинцев's previous film, Elena.

Cette semaine j'ai aussi regardé un des autres grands films de l'année passée : le gagnant du Palme d'or à Cannes, La vie d'Adèle (autrement : Le bleu est une couleur chaude) d'Abdellatif Kechiche. Pour moi c'est un film époustouflant - pour le grand part grâce au visage débordant d'émotions de sa vedette, Adèle Exarchopoulos. Cette jeune actrice de vingt ans donne une des meilleurs performances que j'ai jamais vu sur l'écran. Pendant chaque minute des trois heures du film, son visage exprime l'innocence, l'insécurité, la paresse, la joie, la gêne, le desarroi (des larmes, il y en a souvent) avec une authenticité semblable à la vie réelle.

Bien sûr, c'est aussi le film qui a provoqué une polémique dans le monde du cinéma quand les deux actrices principales, Exarchopoulos et Léa Seydoux, ont dénoncé les méthodes de tournage durs et quasi-abusifs du réalisateur Kechiche. On ne peut pas éviter d'y penser quand on voit les scènes sexuelles étendues et les nombreuses moments chargés d'emotion - mais au même temps, ces scènes rentrent parfaitement dans un oeuvre empreint d'honnêteté et de réalisme absolu. Kéchiche aurait poussé ses actrices jusqu'au bout et peut-étre au-delà, mais le résultat valait la peine à mon avis - c'est un film qu'il faut absolument voir, à moins que vous ne soyez pas du tout choqués par la nudité.
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18 January 2015 at 5:57pm | IP Logged 
For those interested in French films from outside France, you might want to have a look at: 5 films francophones africains qui ont marqué leurs temps . The same article is available in English, Spanish, Catalan and German translations.

The article includes trailers.

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19 January 2015 at 10:55am | IP Logged 
Mandarin isn't a target language for me, but it is for a fair number of people on this forum so I am going to recommend this film any way.

If you've been into Chinese films for a while you're probably familiar with it, because it was a huge production and it broke box office records. If not, well, then this is for you!

赤壁 (Eng: Red Cliff) is a huge historical epic split over two films, a total of nearly five hours, but it definitely does not feel like five hours. It centres around a battle called the Battle of Red Cliffs, at the end of the Han dynasty (early 3rd century CE), in which the northern warlord Cao Cao tries to conquer the south (in the film, he's at least partly motivated by the idea of conquering a woman he feels should have been married to him instead of the southern hero). It does get a bit obvious from time to time, à la Hollywood (i.e. they foreshadow event very obviously), but like I said, it keeps you engaged and you don't feel time pass. Lots of beautiful scenery, noble men, and huge battle scenes.

Edit: Trailer!

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15 February 2015 at 11:09pm | IP Logged 
Not a whole lot of activity here, is there?

Today, I watched an excellent film for those of you who enjoy serious French cinema: Loin des Hommes (trailer). It's a film loosely based on a short-story by Camus. Viggo Mortensen (who speaks both French and Arabic in this film) plays an Algerian-born Spaniard turned French school-teacher in the Atlas mountains during the Algerian War. He has to take Reda Kateb's character to be sentenced by the French authorities for murdering his cousin. Hilarity does not ensue, as the cousins want to exact blood revenge and they cross the mountains in the middle of winter and in the middle of war.

It's not a bad film for a beginner wanting to try watching their first French film without French subtitles, I think. Yes, some characters speak accented French, but in general they speak slowly and there are very long pauses between dialogues. Plus, half of the film is in Arabic for which you are of course allowed subtitles. ;)

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30 March 2015 at 11:30pm | IP Logged 
Once again, I'm stepping outside of my target languages to bring you yet a Chinese film: 狼图腾 (Wolf Totem), based on the best-seller by the same name.

This film is what happens when you take the director of Seven Years in Tibet and The Name of the Rose, team him up with the composer for Titanic and Braveheart, and have them make a Disney film — a very very dark Chinese Disney film for adults who are critical of modernity and communism. I loved it, but it was also at times very uncomfortable to watch. It's a very violent film (primarily involving animals), but one that depicts very minimal violence. It's the implied violence and the violence frozen in time that's so uncomfortable, in a sense (as my husband put it in the car: this would've been a very different film if Quentin Tarantino had directed it).

As for a brief summary of the plot: two young Chinese men are sent to live with Mongolian nomads during the cultural revolution, in order to teach the children Mandarin. One of them falls in love with the nomad way of life, has a bit of a spiritual awakening (I can't help but to wonder if Mongols feel exoticised by this type or portrayal) through his contact with the local wolves... and then stupid disconnected modern folks come in and ruin The Circle of Life (there are some seriously The Lion King-esque quotes in there, for about a second), make everything spin out of control, and finally decide to kill all the wolves.

If you're lucky you can see it, wolves running over huge panoramic views of the Mongolian steppes and all, in 3D. Real wolves, too. I expected them to be all cgi, but nope. Alas, my local cinema (in a nearby town of 1,300 inhabitants) didn't show the Chinese with French subtitles in 3D, only the dubbed version, so 2D it was.

I was actually hoping to read the semi-autobiographical novel before seeing the film, since it was recommended to be by Goodreads a few weeks ago, but it was checked out at the library (probably because it was coming to the local cinema) so here I am with no clue how close the film is to the book.

EDIT: Oh, right. Trailer.

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