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Learn That Language Now -- Learn a New Language 3 Times Faster
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How To Learn Any Language And What Language To learnAmerica learns russian A history of the teachingHow to learn a foreign languageWhy Johnny should learn foreign languagesAdamiticsHow to learn languages and what languages to learnL'art d'apprendre les languesNative tonguesDie Sprachen der WeltThe life of Cardinal MezzofantiThe art and science of learning languagesLes languages de l'humanitéGiro d'Italia in cerca della Buona Lingua
L'anima delle lingueImarare le LingueDe la Manière d'apprendre les languesManuel de correspondences commerciale Franco-AnglaiseFremdsprachen lernenChe bella lingua, il greco!Wie lernt man fremde SprachenLearning a new languageLearn how to learnSprachen lernen (k)ein Problem?Sprachen lernenThe loom of languageHow to learn any languageHow to learn a foreign languageThe quick and direct guide to learning languages fastThe definitive reference to more than 400 languages

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