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Claude C. Crawford & Adna Mable Leitzeli, 1930, C.C. Crawford,Los Angeles, Hard cover, 242 pages, 130 mm X 192 mm X 27 mm

Serious book written by a professor of education science in the 1930.

It is rather old fashioned, with Selected References and Exercises at the end of each chapter. The book is obviously intended for an audience of language teachers in american high schools and colleges, and conversely contains little specifically made for the self-study student.

However, there are some useful recommendations. I share the author's view on learning Grammar :

Grammar should be studied inductively rather than deductively. It should not be the first step in the learning process; it should come after a certain amount of mastery of specific language usage has been developped, and after a reasonably large number of language experiences and habits have been acquired. It is difficult to learn the grammar of a language until something is known about the language itself. Grammar should fill out and confirm as well as classify, systematize, and explain the numerous specific language experiences and habits which have previously been acquired.

I scanned the table of contents so that you can see more about the book's structure.

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