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Learn That Language Now -- Learn a New Language 3 Times Faster
The Art and Science Of Learning Languages
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Table of contentsTable of contentsTable of contents
Table of contentsTable of contents
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Amorey Gethin & Arick V. Gunnemark, 1996, Intellect, Oxford, soft cover, ISBN 1-87156-48, 344 pages, 172 mm X 230 mm X 20 mm

Very interesting book written by two polyglots about how to teach yourself a language. Lots of hands-on advice. The two authors give each their own advice, which enriches the text. Sometimes a bit scolaire (one of the author is an English teacher and obviously given to doctoral advice).

Barry Farber's book is better written and more motivating, but there are more topics discussed here.

I use it as a sort of Reader in language learning. Well worth the money and the time spent reading it.

I scanned the table of contents so that you can see more about the book's structure.

Where to get this book?
You can get it from for about 24$, which is the best price I found, or if you live in Europe as I do, from

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