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A few years Crichton's senior in point of time, although, from the precociousness of Crichton's genius, his junior in reputation, was Lancelot Andrews, Bishop of Winchester. He was born in London in 1555, and, after a distinguished career in the university, rose, through a long course of ecclesiastical preferments, to the see of Winchester. Beyond the general praises of his scholarship in which all his biographers indulge, few particulars are preserved respecting his attainments. Among his contemporaries he was regarded as a prodigy. Life of James Crichton of Cluny, commonly called " the Admirable Crichton." Edinburgh, 1819. Wanley says that " some thought lie might almost have served as interpreter-general at the confusion of tongues;" and even the more prosaic Chalmers attributes to him a profound knowledge of the " chief Oriental tongues, Greek, Latin, and many modern languages."

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