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Learning languages TAC 2015

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01 January 2015 at 11:08pm | IP Logged 
Welcome to our team, Mareike! Please check the Scandinavian Team Thread . Your log is already included at the roster.

Wish you all the best with your languages this year. Count on us if you need any help, good luck!
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02 January 2015 at 4:45pm | IP Logged 
Godt nytt år! I'm studying Norwegian and I'm happy to be your team mate this year. All the best for 2015!
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02 January 2015 at 5:24pm | IP Logged 
Thank you Emme, Expugnator and agantik.
Gott nytt år. Jag önskar er motivation för hela 2015.

A new year and new resolutions.
I signed up for two TAC teams. I’m still not certain if it is the right decision. Last year I wasn’t successful with one team; so let’s try it with two.
I am not sure if the hour counting will work. It seems I don’t have the power of endurance for a complete year. On the other side I would like to have something measureable (and I love statistics). Hours are measureable and it is possible to do statistics with them. Of course I would like to increase my abilities in reading, writing, listening and speaking in Swedish and English, but that is harder to measure and to compare and it’s sometimes subjective or depends on the point of view. I will give the hour counting another try.

I signed up again with Swedish in the Scandinavian team.
I would say I am somewhere around A2. It would be great if I would be able to read youth/easy literature by the end of 2015. I’m also signed up for the Super Challenge in Swedish. It would be hard to complete it; but 50 books and 50 films should be feasible. I have a few lättläst and children books.
In order to archive my goals I am planning to do:
-     365 hours of studying (anki/vocabulary, grammar, classes, intensive reading, textbooks)
-     Super challenge: get to 50 books/50 films
I have the following materials:
-     Assimil: Schwedisch ohne Mühe with audio
-     Buske: Lehrbuch Schwedisch (German textbook for Swedish)
-     Buske: Grammatikübungsbuch Schwedisch (Grammar and excercises)
-     Praktische Grammatik der schwedischen Sprache (grammar reference)
-     Pons: Grammatik kurz & bündig Schwedisch (short grammar reference)
-     Henning Mankell: Mannen på stranden Fotografens död (lättläst book)
-     Torr sommar und andere schwedische Erzählungen (texts and excersices)
-     Ronja Rövardottar av Astrid Lindgren
-     Trollvinter av Tove Jansson
-     A card from the local public library. Beside text- and grammar books, they have also Swedish films and books.

Depending on the day, on my motivation, on the topic and on the skill I am somewhere between B1 and C1. A solid B2 in all skills by the end of 2015 would be great. I am also thinking about an IELTS or Cambridge Certificate in the beginning of 2016 to get some extra motivation.
I also signed up for the TAC English as an Advanced Second Language Team. Because of the lack of a team leader there will be probably no team?
My tasks for English:
-     150 hours of studying (anki/vocabulary, grammar, intensive reading, textbooks)
-     Super challenge: get to 100 books/ 200 films
-     5000 words on lang-8
I have the following materials:
-     English Grammar in Use
-     Destination B2: Grammar & Vocabulary
-     Various grammar references and dictionaries
-     A card from the local public library and an eBook reader with still a few unread books

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