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It would be still more unpardonable to overlook the celebrated philologer, father Joseph Dobrowsky, who, although born in Haab, in Hungary, was of a Bohemian family, and devoted himself especially to the literature and language of his nation. He had just entered the Jesuit society at Brunn at the moment of the suppression of the order. Repairing to Prague, he applied himself for a time to the study of the Oriental languages, but eventually concentrated all his energies on the history and language of Bohemia. His works upon Bohemian history and antiquities fill many volumes; and his Slavonic Grain mar may be regarded as a classical work, not only in reference to his native language, but' to the whole Slavonian family. father Dobrowsky survived till the year 189, engaged until the very time of his death in active projects for the cultivation of the language and literature of the country of his adoption.

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