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Igumnoff of Irkutsch published a useful dictionary of the Mongol: Giganoff, and more recently Volkoff, a dictionary of the Tartar languages ; of which Mirza Kazem- Beg, professor of the Turkish and Tartar languages at St. Petersburg, has compiled an excellent grammar. the same service has been rendered to the language of Georgia and its several dialects by David Tchubinoff. the numerous philological writings of Goulianoff, too, and, more lately, Prince Alexander Handjeri's Dictionnaire FranÁais Arabe, Persan, et Turc, have established a European reputation. the present Prefect Apostolic of the Arctic Missions, who is a convert from the Russian Church, is said to be a very extraordinary linguist. Even before he entered upon his missionary charge, in which, of course, the circle of his languages is much enlarged, he habitually heard confessions, at Paris, in. six languages.

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