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03 June 2015 at 3:00pm | IP Logged 
PeterMollenburg wrote:
I tried to switch my account from US amazon to once quickly purchased a couple ebooks and promptly got told off.

I got told off very nicely when I tried that with In the past, I've worked around it by paying for a VPN and using a French address with gift cards, and then using various dubious Calibre plugins to move the ebooks to a different ebook reader. It's completely ridiculous, but Amazon doesn't have much choice: They don't actually have the legal right to sell most of those books anywhere but in France. Blame the French publishers for this one.

But I'd like to set up something permanent. Maybe configure a permanent VPN using my home router, get a prepaid French debit card, and then set up a Kindle to think it actually lives in France.

The end goal would be the ability to browse a bunch of recommended French titles, and to tap on a book and start reading. The US Kindle store isn't good enough for this, because (1) its French ebooks are either public domain classics or self-published stuff, and (2) it's bad at recommending French titles. I need to make the French-language ebooks as easy and as tempting as the English-language ones!

patrickwilken wrote:
Would it be easier for you to get a Canadian CC or at least account? I am assuming that there would be a lot of French content there as well.

The selection in Quebec is more limited than in France, and prices are higher. Might as well go straight for the mother-lode. :-)

Easy and attractive French media, step 2: Audible

Well, this was easier than expected. It seems that Audible does many of their own recordings, so they own lots of international rights. I just signed into with a US credit card and US IP address, and they happily sold me Le crépuscule des elfes. And I could listen to it with the new iPod setup in my car! Let's just hope they don't decide to punt me out of in a few days.

And now, when I visit the website, it actually recommends interesting audiobooks:

Yes, Audible, I would love to listen to a French translation of Zelazny's Nine Princes in Amber! And do you have his Lord of Light in French? And what's that Autre Monde stuff? Might be fun.

This is the way it needs to work if French media is going to be a part of my "normal", non-studying, non-Super Challenge life. I need the same push-button convenience I have in English, with the same personalized recommendations of recent, high-quality titles. Or at least fun and brainless titles, for when I'm not feeling especially virtuous. :-)
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