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I am XXX and I study Russian...

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25 June 2010 at 5:46pm | IP Logged 
I'm an American who has been studying independently Russian for almost a year now.

I'm learning it for personal enjoyment. I simply wanted to learn a language and chose Russian. It's a challenge (understatement), but I'm having fun with it, despite how difficult it is. In fact, it is the challenge of learning such a difficult but interesting and important language that I enjoy.

I feel like I'm making OK progress, though considering the time I have put in, I wish I was much better! I can read most texts with a dictionary, a few without, and even recently had a simple conversation on Skype (yay!).

I still have a LOT of struggles with the language. My biggest are remembering words, following speech at normal speed, and producing the language myself, though I could list many others if I wanted to. I suppose these are normal problems for someone at my level. But I'm happy I chose this language, even if it is incredibly frustrating at times!

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25 June 2010 at 8:00pm | IP Logged 
I'm British and Russian was the second language I started to learn independently at the
age of 14 (I'm now 25).

At the time I was studying and really enjoying Latin at school when I stumbled upon
some teach yourself books at the local library. I was delighted by the similarities
between the two languages and set to work. Unfortunately, I've always had quite a short
attention span when it comes to languages so I've still not mastered it. Although I've
read some детективы I've never really had any long-term active use, but I managed a few
relatively fluent but drunken conversations during a recent trip to Cyprus.

The future is also unclear, there's a plethora of Russian speakers in my field of
employment left over from the Cold War and I'm focussing more on South and S-East Asian
languages, so it's unlikely that I'll get "fluent" any time soon but I always have a
Russian book on the go and try to listen to BBC Russian reports everyday to prevent
losing what I already have.
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28 June 2010 at 9:44pm | IP Logged 
I'm Finnish, 18 and want to learn Russian for numerous reasons. First off, it's said to be useful in my country since Finland and the Russian Federation are neighbouring countries (not to mention that I also live in Eastern Finland where there actually are some Russians, atleast certainly more than in Western Finland) and many employers appreciate an employee being able to speak Russian - as not many are able to. I'm intrigued by the Russian culture, listen to Russian anthems and hymns as they're all absolutely awesome from the days of the Russian Empire to the current national anthem, listen to just 'regular' Russian music and so forth. I also suspect that learning Russian might've become something of a question of pride for me already too, as I tried to study it last summer but eventually gave up... I don't think I'll ever be satisfied without reaching fluency now :-( / :-)
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07 July 2010 at 10:28pm | IP Logged 

Меня зовут ЛинксРоннер. Я изучаю русский язык уже один год и два месяцаи и желаю его

Вот почему я учу русский язык: у меня был интерес в советском обществе и политике. Я
тоже из коммунистической страны (Кубы). Я знаю, что Российская Федерация, это важная
страна в современном мире.


My name is LynxRunner. I've studied Russian for a year and two months and I wish to
master it. =

Here's why I study Russian: I am interested in Soviet society and politics. I am also
from a communist country (Cuba). I know that the Russian federation is an important
country in the contemporary world.
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