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Catholic Missionaries
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The Catholic Missionaries of Germany, although of course less numerous than their brethren of Italy and the Spanish Peninsula, have contributed their share to the common stock of linguistic science. Many of the Jesuit Missionaries of Central and Southern America ;—for example, Fathers Richter, Fritz, Grebmer, and Widmann— whose papers are the foundation of llumboldt's Essay in the Mithridates, were of German origin. Father Dobritzhofer, whose interesting account of the Abipones has been translated into English, under Southey's advice and superintendence, was a native of Austria; and the learned Sanscrit scholar, Father Paulinus de Sancto Barthelomeo, (although less known under his German name, John Philip Werdin) was an Austrian Carmelite, and served for above fourteen years in the Indian missions of his order.

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