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Among the former, Andrew Maes (Masius,) deserves a very special notice. He was born in 1536, at Linnich in the diocess of Cour-trai. In 155o he was sent to Rome as charge d'affaires. During his residence there, in addition to Greek, Latin, Spanish, and other European languages, with which he was already familiar, he made himself master, not only of Italian, but also of Hebrew, Chaldee, and Syriac He is said to have assisted Arias Montanus in the compilation of his Polyglot Bible ; but of this no mention is made by Montanus in the preface. No doubt, however, can be entertained of his great capacity as an Orientalist; and Sebastian Munster used to say of him that he seemed to have been brought up among the Hebrews, and to have lived in the classic days of the Roman Empire.

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