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John Baptist Gramaye, already named as a collector of Pater Nosters, acquired some reputation as one of the first contributors to the history of the languages of Africa, although his work is described by Adelung as very inaccurate. Gramaye was a native of Antwerp, and became provost of Arnheim and historiographer of the Low Countries. On a voyage from Italy to Spain, he fell into the hands of Algerine corsairs, who carried him to Algiers. There he was sold as a slave, and was detained a considerable time in Barbary. Having at length ob- tained his liberty, he published, after his return, a diary of his captivity, a descriptive history of Africa, and a polyglot coition of Pater Nosters, among which are several African languages not previously known in Europe, Yery little, however, is known of his own personal acquirements, which are noticeable, perhaps, rather on account of their unusual character, than of their great extent or variety. Some of the linguists of Holland may claim a higher rank.

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