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Hungarian linguists
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Among the scholars of modern Hungary there are a few names which deserve to be mentioned. Sajnovitz's work en the common origin of the Magyar and Lapp languages, though Written in 1770, long before the science of Comparative philology had been reduced to its present form, has obtained 4ho praise of much learning and ingenuity. Gyarrnal-hi, who wrote somewhat later on the affinity of the Magyar and Finnic languages (1799) is admitted by M. Bunsen § to "deserve a very high rank among the founders of that science," But neither of those authors can be considered as a. linguist. father Dobrowsky, of whom 1 shall speak elsewhere, although born in Hungary, cannot properly be considered as a Hungarian, Kazinezy, Kisfaludy, and their followers, have confined themselves almost entirely to the cultivation of their own native language, or at least to the ethnological affinities which it involves. I have only discovered one linguist of modern Hungary whom I can consider entitled to a special notice, but the singular and almost mysterious interest which attaches to his name may in some measure compensate for the comparative solitude in which it is found.

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