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Sign Up Thread for TAC 2014

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04 December 2013 at 1:48am | IP Logged 
EDIT: The formation of new teams is now formally closed (according to information received from Serpent, quoted here by Iversen). Please find a suitable existing team or start an independent log thread (and get it on the list in message 5 below).


Let's start the sign up early, just that we don't need to form teams at the last minute. After all, december is a really busy month :-) This thread isn't meant to make you hurry. Take your time, think about it and sign with your blood when you are ready. This way, we should get some rough numbers of participants for each language in time so that we don't need to solve troubles like "this team is crowded already and the small group of us got separated for late coming". As some possible innovations and ideas concerning the teams formation are currently being discussed, please write (all) your intended languages and levels (start and finish. doesn't necesarily need to be cefr level).

The alphabetical list (will be updated daily; not including individual challenges for now):

AKenny- Spanish; A2 --> B1 (Pass a B1 exam, begin to approach B2 towards end of year).


ancpem1:French: A1;German: A0;Spanish: B1;I'm also interested in Greek and Russian

French; Scratch --> Solid B1.
BaronBill-German: B2, goal C1,Spanish: A2, goal B2,Mandarin: scratch, goal B2 (spoken only)

Cavesa- French (From B2/C1 finally to C1), Spanish (from beginner/intermediate to B1 or B2), Swedish (from really low to intermediate), German (rusty A1/A2, going for B1).

chokofingrz: Russian. A1 -> A2

Chung- info in his post

corjine-Italian: Currently A1/A2 Level, hoping to reach a B2

daegga: Scandinavian team!

dampingwire-Currently A2 and aiming to be better

dobrzak: German is at A2/B1 level and by the end of the next year I would like to pass B2 certificate.

druckfehler-- low-intensity Korean (now B1-B2);- higher-intensity Persian (now ~A1)

Duan: Polish: A1/2 -> B2; French: "Scratch" -> B1

Élan: Iranian/Persian

ellasevia: * Mandarin: A1/A2 --> hopefully to B1 (depends on my class);* Persian: rusty A2 --> ideally all the way to B2;* Greek: rusty B1 --> bring back up to B2
* Croatian: out of practice B2 --> strong C1/C1+;Portuguese: B1-ish --> B2-ish, maybe higher?;French: embarrassingly rusty B2 --> regain strong B2, maybe C1?;Dutch: rusty A2/B1-ish --> hopefully strong B2;Swahili: rusty A2-ish --> B1, maybe?;Japanese: A2-ish from lack of practice --> B1, maybe?

espejismo: Spanish (high priority) - B1-ish, goal - strong B2.;Portuguese (medium priority) - Maintain my A0.5 and maybe get to A2.

Expugnator: Russian A2-B1,NorwegianB1-B2;Chinese (Mandarin)A2-B1;FrenchB2, my goal is C1;GermanA2-B1;Estonian-A0. I'd like to join *jäŋe/*ledús;Rare languages team:Georgian (A2-B1, Papiamento(B2,

Ezy Ryder- Japanese: Now: ~6,000 words. Goal: 10,000;Mandarin: Now: ~1000 words. Goal: 8,000 next year;Na'vi: Now... ~400-ish words? Goal: every single word in the language

fabriciocarraro: Russian: currently B2, goal solid C1;Dutch: currently A2/B1, goal solid B2;German: currently A0, goal B1;Japanese: currently A0, goal A2/B1-

Flarioca: Mandarin level: more than 1/3 of Méthode 90 completed; German;Italian;Catalan

Fuenf Katzen: German:I have upper B-level ability I would like to improve to C-level;
Polish: A2, sometimes possibly pushing B1 I want to solidify my Polish and be able to use it automatically;Ukrainian: starting, hoping to get an A2;Afrikaans: Same as Ukrainian essentially,   

garyb-Spanish: beginner to B2;Italian: just about B2 now, and realistically I'd be aiming for a stronger B2.French: between B2 and C1 now, aiming to maintain and improve. Maybe some Greek, maybe not, we'll see.

g-bod: German: get from around A1 to something useful beyond tourism, ie. B1 or more

geoffw. German - passive C1,active B2; Dutch - B2 and A2;French - B1 (B2 reading)-A2

greatdaytonihon: Japanese

Hekje-Dutch - B2;Indonesian - A0 (bleh);French - A2? - Currently recovering the B2 I had a few years ago.

Jefflindqvist-Irish (Team Lugus again?) and Dutch for me.

Josquin-Russian: current level B1 - goal B2,Irish: current level A1 - goal B1,Japanese: current level A0-A1 - goal A2

js6426: Mandarin for me.Level - not really sure, quite basic still.Goal - just to continue improving,

Kerrie:Spanish: Currently intermediate. Aiming for B2 or C1.;French: Currently high beginner. Aiming for reading fluency.;Korean: Currently beginner. Aiming for progress.

Kujichagulija" Japanese LEVEL: Somewhere in B1 (maybe high-B1? Not so sure)GOAL: To make it to B2;Portuguese LEVEL: A1 or A2 (A1.5?) GOAL: If not A2 yet, then get to A2. Otherwise, get close to B1.

LeadZeppelin: Spanish: A1 -> B2

Liammcg: Irish: Push towards near-native;French: Continue to improve, read more books, find more experiences to SPEAK;German: Get to a solid intermediate level.

Luso:Italian: currently C1, aiming at C2;Arabic: hard to evaluate; let's say B1, aiming at B2;Sanskrit: beginner, aiming at A2

Mick33: Afrikaans, Spanish - somewhere around A2/B1 level, some rust has set in.;Swedish, Italian - A2-A1.;Finnish - my current level is embarrassingly poor.;Hungarian - Just started this one

Mohave: French -- solid A2. -> B2 in passive skills, solid B1 in all other skills.;Spanish - A0 skills.I would like to be A2 by the end of the year.

Ninibo:Mandarin, b range

NMW: Dutch: need to reach B2/C1 in my active skills, and preferably C1/C2 in my passive skills

Ogrim: Russian, get to a strong B1 level;For Greek, at least a solid A1

plumbem-French A1 -> B1;Dutch B1-> B2;Latin A0 ->A2 (Reading)

PointsDotsLines: Spanish (just started learning last spring)

renaissancemedi-Turkish: Beginner, goal A2 (B1?)

Sarnek-German A1 -> strong B1;Swedish Beginner -> B1

stroyenne- Irish: Continue working up to a solid intermediate level (around B1,; Spanish:get to an upper intermediate to advanced level (at least in comprehension) from my current intermediate/novice hybrid; French: Continue maintaining and enhancing my level. I think this will be the year I finally take the DALF

Sh'Naya: Spanish: ~B2, goal: ~C1;French: ~A2, goal: ~B2;Japanese: ~JLPT N4, goal: to get better

Sillygoose- French - C1, goal C2,Spanish - B2/C1, goal C2,Italian - B1, goal C1

Songlines: French

Stelle-Spanish: currently B1/B2, would like to finish the year at a solid B2 (or even - dare I hope - C1);Tagalog: currently non-existent, will start studying in May and would like to reach conversational level (equivalent to B1, except spoken only)

stifa- German - Approaching B2 - Goal: C1

sunja-Mandarin:My goal: writing/reading - roughly 1,000 words (Assimil covers 800 characters); speaking - Level HSK 3

Suzie:French B1, and aiming for C1 ; still in dormant mode, and I want to reactivate

tarvos-Korean (currently A1-A2 beginner, getting a little better with more complicated
sentence structures but lacking tons of vocab),Romanian (B1-B2, may have the chance to live in-country),Hebrew (A2-B1, want to improve to fluency),Icelandic (A1)

Tollpatchig: Team 1 for German. I think I'm around a A2 level,I'd like to be at B1.

vonPeterhof-Japanese around B2

Zireael-Arabic: able to say something and read, goal: converse with natives about everyday stuff

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04 December 2013 at 2:42am | IP Logged 
As Cavesa said, we don't yet know which teams there will be and how many. So it's also the time to at least start thinking which teams we want to be on.

For now there have been the following suggestions, including two teams continuing from 2013 (though the squad will change for sure):

+Team STARt - for people learning their first foreign language or the first one after English, including intermediate learners
+Team Dutch
+Team *jäŋe/*ledús - Uralic and Balto-Slavonic
+Team Russian
+Team Rare Languages

Two of my own suggestions:
+Team Iberia - for people with an interest in both Spanish and Portuguese (no need to be learning both). expected to be overwhelmingly Spanish.
+Team Eastern Europe - for languages like Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Estonian, Romanian, Latvian, Czech etc.

Please note that there's no guarantee that all these teams will exist, and there will definitely be many others, but if you want to be on one of them, say so :)

Please also note that in a multilingual team, you'll do best if you're interested in the languages of other members.

Oh and I'm definitely in. But I won't post my obscene list, hehe.

Edited by Serpent on 08 December 2013 at 12:00am

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04 December 2013 at 2:53am | IP Logged 
Also, in case you don't know what TAC is, see the 2013 thread. And here is how it all started, note that the thread is from 2007. Have a look at some active logs and see if you want to join :)

If you want to participate as an individual member, please say so.

If you want to be the "godparent" (or "guardian angel", I know I'm too young to be a godmother!) of those who are learning the language(s) you speak natively/fluently, also say so.

Edited by Serpent on 04 December 2013 at 3:27am

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04 December 2013 at 5:27am | IP Logged 
French - C1, goal C2

Spanish - B2/C1, goal C2

Italian - B1, goal C1

If anyone were to make a team for rarer languages, I'd be game with Occitan and/or Corsican.
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04 December 2013 at 5:37am | IP Logged 
German: B2, goal C1
Spanish: A2, goal B2
Mandarin: scratch, goal B2 (spoken only)

I'm open to being on multiple teams or just one. I'm easy.
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04 December 2013 at 8:43am | IP Logged 
Turkish: Beginner, goal A2 (B1?).I'll join a team for this one.

Individual TAC: After MT Italian is finished, it will be MT French, and after that another MT (or Pimsleur)... I'll take that slow and enjoy myself. Goal: I just want to learn the basics of some languages without going deeper (for now). One at a time. German, Russian, Hebrew. I was considering Hebrew as a full time language study, but Turkish won! So, Pimsleur for Hebrew, and all in good time.

My individual TAC will be one log, instead of one for each language, which is an efficient way to deal with things.

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04 December 2013 at 8:57am | IP Logged 
If a Japanese team forms, I'd like to be part of it. Currently A2 and aiming to be

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04 December 2013 at 9:29am | IP Logged 
Will there be a Middle-Eastern team?

Arabic: able to say something and read, goal: converse with natives about everyday stuff

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