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Bookworm’s adventures-TAC15

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11 January 2015 at 6:55pm | IP Logged 
Dear friends, whether you're teammates or not, welcome to my log. My log is, as usual,
meant to monitor my progress to 1.force me to work on my goals under threat of public
shame ;-) 2.make me not to lose track of all I do for my languages.

Now. I've been quite busy during the last two or three weeks so, despite working
somehow on my languages, I had not time for htlal. Therefore I promise to write my
ending TAC14 post to the drunk snail log asap. And to catch up on my teams too.

What are my plans for 2015:

One of my TAC languages and I plan to "finish" active studying it during the year. The
plans are quite harsh due to DALF happening two weeks earlier than I had thought and
the French exams being stupidly held only twice a year and always in colision with
university exams. That's why I've been postponing this for years and why I cannot wait
any longer, no matter how little prepared I feel. I am paying the exam fee for DALF C2
on Tuesday.

This is going to be my absolute language priority until the day of the exam.

-Finish my grammar review in order to get rid of the last gaps and insecurities.
-Get into the Vocabulaire Progressif books and get all the items I do not know
actively 100% surelyto anki. There are no words there I do not know passively but I
need to have wide enough active vocabulary to not be limited no matter what subject
-Work on my writing. One writing task from my preparatory coursebooks every two days.
Or more. Having it checked with my tutor
-Speaking with my tutor and alone with myself. Again, working mostly on the tasks from
preparatory books.

I am quite confident about my comprehension and my tutor said he would be very
surprised if I didn't pass the spoken part. But writing is making me nervous ever
since high school. :-D

Apart from that, I still intend to finish my ASCR, which means Advanced Super
Challenge residuals. I have something like 8000 pages and 40 movies left. THis is not
an absolute priority though.

I progressed quite noticeably last year and wish to continue. My reading and listening
skills are good and I wish to further deepen them (and get the bonus from these for my
active skills too) by completing the SC. I am signed up for the current super
challenge and, following the up to date rules, have completed 1/10 of the movie parts
and no books (despite having read some things like scientific papers). That is going
to change

Apart from that, I am going to work on some courses, grammar, vocabulary and all those
needed bases for all the skills. I have no clear plans for travelling. At least I
haven't planned anything yet.

This is another of my TAC languages. I happened to be the team captain and I should
put my ... together and act like it more :-D

I might be interested in DELE B1 or B2 later during the year. My comprehension is
really high, unless you're: andalusian, several people speaking at once or someone
crying. I can read quite comfortably fiction books, even though I still miss quite a
lot of details. I can read scientific papers related to my field without any trouble.
I can make myself understood in quite a wide range of situations and I have quite good
pronunciation. I have still got an accent and tons of mistakes, and limited active
vocabulary. My active skills are certainly not B1 :-D

The third TAC language. I progressed somehow last year and want to continue. All the
beginner things mostly. This year, my goal is to finally get to watching tv series and
reading books, as I have signed up for the SC and hardly begun.

I can make no promises to myself but I think later in the year, I should finally have
a free slot for one more. I am unlikely to have enough time to dive into something
exotic (I am considering Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic and so on but I might have time
for those in fifty years at the earliest, as it seems). More reasonable choices are:
Swedish, as I have already begun and I like it.
Italian, as I could do with it for travelling.
Polish, as the translations of polish fantasy are more expensive than originals
Russian, as it is another language I've got resources for and with good fantasy/sci-fi

apart from that, I intend to read in English and therefore finish the ASCR for it.
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Nieng Zhonghan
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12 January 2015 at 12:17am | IP Logged 
I will be following your log, especially your German progress.

Did you find Spanish from Andalusian more difficult? :D

I used to have trouble with Argentinian spoken Spanish as I have always felt that they
speak faster than other Spanish speakers.

Anyway, good luck with all of your goals!

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12 January 2015 at 2:21pm | IP Logged 
Welcome to Team Fran├žais, Cavesa. Great to have you on board! I'll be eagerly awaiting your posts on prep for the exam, and your response once you've taken it.

And reading your post has given me an excellent arrow to keep in my quiver of excuses for ignoring people, "I can't understand you when you're crying- or are you Andalusian?"
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12 January 2015 at 4:12pm | IP Logged 
Cavesa - I'm so glad you are on Team Fran├žais -- and I wish you the best of luck as you prepare for the C2! I
plan to follow your inch stones closely to hopefully learn something to advance my French -- and then also
Spanish which I hope to start this fall! Best of luck for a great 2015!
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13 January 2015 at 8:02am | IP Logged 
Hey Cavesa,

I feel like I have seen your name around quite a bit on HTLAL but don't really know you,
so I'll be following along with your log this year since you are on the French team as
well. Considering you're aiming to sit the French C2 exam, I was wondering if you have
you spent significant blocks of time in any francophone countries? I'm really curious to
see how you go with the exam and hope you are able to do all the preparation you plan to
do. Good luck with all your languages in 2015 and welcome to the French team!

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13 January 2015 at 8:13am | IP Logged 
Wow, C2 that's so impressive! Bon chance and I'm very interesting in following what you do.
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14 January 2015 at 2:02pm | IP Logged 
Bonne chance! I followed your log last year (although not actively), so I'm subscribed
for replies this year.
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14 January 2015 at 6:54pm | IP Logged 
Je te dis merde pour le DALF C2! I'll be waiting anxiously to hear about your experience. With a tutor you're probably getting good preparation but for an extra boost, this site has some good guides:

Chez Jerome

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